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Abs on the way though…

Hey everyone thanks for visiting the AHSS15 Food blog. Our goal is to help you create delicious plant based melas because they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” However once you go plant based you may run out of ideas or even worst not know where to start.

Since this is the first AHSS15 food blog post I think a short introduction is okay right? I’m Justin Shaw, creator of AHSS15 a new fitness system designed to change you life and abs. I also produce live fitness events that connect amazing brands to amazing people.

The person making all the food and writing the recipes is my better half, Tiana aka New York and our beautiful 11 month old daughter Bria. New York also owns a dance company called EMDC based here in Sherman Oaks, Ca. I just take the images and write the blog post lol.

Without further ado, I present our first plant based meal idea and recipe. Enjoy guys and comment and share and all that good stuff. Thanks see you on the next AHSS15 Food Blog.


Simple options

completely plant based!

Vegan Taco Salad recipe









Sauté Beyond Meat crumble add taco seasoning and season to taste (a little pepper and garlic is so good.

Place tomatoes all together on top of salad 

Repeat step with onions, avocado black beans and “Beyond Meat

Take a picture 😉 then mix! (Please tag #AHSS15FoodBlog)

Add vegan ranch (whole foods) once served (so the salad doesn’t get soggy)


Your abs will thank us later!

So will your taste buds!

Don’t keep AHSS15 a secret! Help spread health and abs!
— Justin Shaw
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