Justn shaw aka the ab artist

Education — Bachelors of Science Degree from San Diego State, Previously National Registered EMT, CPR and A.H.S.S®15 certified.

Experience — 10 years personal training, 3 years A.H.S.S®15 certified Ab Artist, Led U.S soldiers in several A.H.S.S®15 sessions at Fort Irwin National Training Center.

Notable Clients— Odell Beckham Jr., Fort Irwin National Training Center, Christina Milian, Keri Hilson, Laverne Cox, Nafessa Williams, Marvin Jones, Niecy Nash, Lita Lewis and Qimmah Russo.

About A.H.S.S®15

A.H.S.S®15 is an innovative fitness system that challenges your mind and every layer of your abs using the formula of A.H.S.S®15. The formula is:  Anaerobic x Hypoactive x Static x Stabilization.

Prayed for and created by Justin Shaw.

Using only body weight and strict execution of specific movements we force or bodies to develop stronger abs.

A stronger core is the key to relieving back pain, discomfort, or muscle imbalances that can cause aching. Other benefits include lowering overall stress and improving your digestive system which has tremendous benefits on your health and immune system.

You get the point, A.H.S.S®15 is for much more that your abs. It's your mind, body and spirit. 


It all started with a prayer in July 2015! " Dear God,  I'm ready for my deliverance." 3 days later A.H.S.S®15 was born to help the world get abs to allow men and women to live their best life.

A.H.S.S®15 can be utilized alone or with any existing fitness system in the world like, Yoga, Zumba® , Pilates and CrossFit® to help improve the abs of men and women.



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